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Why Shops Should Invest In Technician Training


Hiring Talented Techs

Finding trained, talented technicians is an industry-wide problem for shop owners and managers across the nation. While it can be easy to wait for talented technicians to answer your job ad, a better way to find skilled technicians is to train the technicians you already have.

Benefits of Technician Training

When you invest in quality automotive training for the technicians on your staff, your shop will reap a number of benefits that can have long-lasting effects. It is important to look at the money you spend on technician training as an investment that will yield a return for your shop rather than an expenditure.

Succession Planning

No more relying on one or two technicians to handle the tougher repairs. When you get your technicians comprehensive automotive training, you’re ensuring that all your technicians can step in on a challenging repair. This reduces your stress as a shop manager; no more worrying about what happens if a particular technician is out on vacation or leaves your shop for another job.

Increased Shop Profits

Investing in employee training can have a positive impact on your shop’s bottom line. When you send your technicians to automotive training, it means more of them are prepared to handle any type of job that comes through the shop. With more trained technicians, you’ll be able to move more of the high-margin jobs through the repair bay.

Reduced Technician Turnover

Developing the skills of your current technicians can help reduce attrition rates. Make training an ongoing benefit of working at your shop and you may be rewarded with technicians who see your shop as a place to build a career rather than just another place to work. This results in less time you have to spend recruiting new technicians.


If you’re committed to training your technicians, word is bound to get out to potential hires; training can be seen as an important part of attracting quality technicians. By investing in your technicians, you’re signaling that you’re interested in their career growth.

Improved Job Satisfaction

Trained technicians are confident technicians who know they can handle any repair job you give them. This confidence results in technicians who are not only happy workers, but also workers who complete their tasks efficiently for a smooth-running shop.

Finding the Right Automotive Training with Garage Gurus®

Look to Garage Gurus for the expert automotive training your technicians need to keep your shop running efficiently. Garage Gurus is committed to arming technicians with the latest information to keep up with the ever-changing repair environment. Garage Gurus offers onsite and online training along with a tech hotline (1-800-325-8886) and product technology vans equipped with product samples and interactive demos.

Onsite workshop courses give technicians the opportunity to learn directly from a Garage Gurus Master Trainer at one of the 11 Garage Gurus technical support centers. Give your technicians the hands-on experience they need to solve real-world issues they’ll see in the garage. Learn more about onsite training from Garage Gurus.

A Lunch & Learn training presentation is an opportunity to bring the Garage Gurus to your facility. Held at your shop, office or facility, the free Lunch & Learn training presentation brings an ASE-Certified Garage Gurus On-The-Go trainer right to your location. Trainers arrive in a Garage Gurus product technology van containing product demonstrations, hands-on equipment and information on the latest products. Learn more about On-The-Go Training from Garage Gurus.

Online training is a convenient way to get your technicians automotive training. The Garage Gurus eLearning Program offers over 100 courses covering key auto repair topics. Online courses bring world-class technical support to technicians with easy-to-follow instruction. Many eLearning courses also include CASE Continuing Education Credits (CEUs). Enroll your technicians in an online learning path today.

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