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Writing Effective Blog Posts


Building an Audience

You know that updated content is the best way to keep people coming back to your shop’s website and social media pages. But how do you create compelling blog and social media posts to engage your audience and drive action?

Whether you’re writing a post for social media or your shop’s blog, or crafting an update for your website, there are some common principles you can use to guide you. Implement these tips for writing effective blog and social media posts and watch your traffic numbers increase.

Select a Topic

What do you want to write about? Select a topic that is relevant and useful to your audience. Useful content has drawing power; it can generate clicks, likes, tweets and retweets. Need help coming up with topics? Think about common questions you get from your customers – this can be a good way to come up with ideas that will resonate with your audience.

Come up with a Catchy Title

Hook the reader with a catchy title that gives them a preview of what the post is about. Keep the title short and memorable – don’t be afraid to be creative and use a play on words. Using relevant key words can help you in search rankings.

Craft the Body of the Post

Using your outline, fill in the body of your post. If necessary, do additional research to back up your points. Be sure to give proper attribution to any sources that you use; acknowledging your sources gives credibility to your post. If you’re having trouble finding your writing voice, look at blog posts that have resonated with you – what did they do to draw you in?

Make it Visually Appealing

Words alone won’t keep a reader engaged; a visually appealing post will ensure that your audience reads until the end to see the call to action. Pictures, videos and illustrations are all great ways to add visual interest to your post. Use of formatting such as headlines and subheads in a larger font size can help your post stand out by breaking up your copy so it doesn’t appear looking like one big blob.

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