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Get Social to Get More Sales


With the ever-growing popularity of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more, social media has become a key influencer for all types of things, especially purchasing decisions. When looking for quality products or services, people jump online and seek help from friends, peers and trusted resources. Used correctly, you can get in on the conversation and generate a level of trust and influence that leads straight to sales. Follow these simple steps and socialize your way to sales.

Facebook logo

Face the Facebook Facts

Facebook is no Longer just for "Liking", or Looking at photos and videos. It's now a great platform for connecting with customers, educating them as to why parts and service matter, and showing your business's personality.


Appeal to a Bigger Audience

In a word, it’s huge, which means you can reach a lol of new customers and grow a following. Build your reputation and increase your influence.

Be Real, In Real Time

Have an offer, some seasonal advice, or a new employee? Share it in real time so people know you’re an active business.

Listen and Learn

Facebook is a conversation. Use it to hear from customers, good or bad, respond and make your business better.

YouTube logo

Watch YouTube Work

The YouTube community is really a set of smaller communities that gather around their numerous interests. From pure entertainment to tutorials and reviews. It's like "edutainment." It’s a fun pace to teach and influence.


Communicate Efficiently

It’s easier to "show-and-tell" a customer how to check her brake pad than explain it. Earn some respect by letting people get to know how credible you are.

Broaden Your Online Presence

Being part of the YouTube community is one more way to increase your visibility online.

Be You

Letting your customers see the most real version of you on screen gives them a better idea of the real you, before they come in. No need to hire an expensive video production crew. All you need is a smartphone and you’re ready to get started.

Twitter logo

Take Twitter on a Test Drive

Twitter’s strength is in its ability amplify messages. Followers comment and re-share, and tell you pretty quickly what they like and dislike. Take advantage. Start a conversation. See where it goes.


Converse and Convert

Find out what customers are interested in, like, dislike and want. Start selling early on, better informed.

Show Some Personality

Engage with people one-on-one and show them who you are and what you have to offer. Be the authentic you.

Embrace the Immediacy

You’ll know quickly if that offer is appealing, or if your workers did a good job. Listen. You will learn something.

Instagram logo

Show, Don’t Just Tell

Picture say a lot. It’s as simple as that. Instagram is among the fastest growing social networks for customers and is a great way to connect with them in fun ways. Show them who you are and what makes you worthy of their business.


Frame It

Whenever you have something interesting to share, post it and let customers get a glimpse of your shop.

Stay Fresh in Their Minds

"Out of sight, out of mind" is true. Maintain an active presence so they’ll think of you first when they need repair or maintenance work done.

Have Some Fun

People like doing business with people they know, and like. Make a relationship before you make a sale.

Pinterest logo

Pin to the Digital Bulletin Board

Pinterest is an easy way to share what makes your business relevant, even appealing. Think of it as a digital bulletin board where you can build a reputation for knowing what interests your customers.


Talk to Women

Given its popularity among women, Pinterest is a great way to appeal to those who are often left with the task of maintaining the family car.

Educate Potential Customers

Pin helpful tips on routine maintenance or minor repairs, new merchandise or when a car ‘doesn’t need’ a fix. Build trust.

Get Pinning – Get Followed

If you can open a browser you can build a Pinterest board and start building a loyal following.

LinkedIn logo

Make Connections – Network

Primarily a network for advancing your professional career and networking with other businesspeople. LinkedIn can be another smart way to help build your reputation and attract smart customers.


Increase Your Credibility

Rub shoulders with other pro’s and potential customers. Get to know new people and expand your sphere of influence as the go-to shop in your area.

Get Support

With nearly 9,000 small business groups, the site makes it easy to reach out to other business owners for help.

Keep Getting Smarter

Keep an eye on what the competition is doing, as well as other smart businesses.


Ready. Set. Go For It.

There’s no reason to wait. Engage customers immediately by making your business known to a whole new audience, using social media. Just remember, like adjusting the timing on an engine, or any other new skill you’ve learned, using social media takes practice. Social media basics for business are summed up in three words: keep trying things.

Post a few messages. Share a few tips. Promote an offer. Answer some questions. Just get in on the conversation and show the world your business is credible, trustworthy and worth listening to.