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Using Social Media for Hiring


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Finding a talented technician for your shop can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. You know that skilled candidates are out there, but locating that next valued employee can be challenging. Newspaper ads and other traditional forms of advertising can feel so last century; how do you connect with the workers of today?

In today’s competitive job market, you need to go where the potential employees are, and in the digital age they can be found on social media. Using social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are great ways to advertise job postings, find talent and connect with potential employees. When used as part of a well-rounded hiring strategy, social media can be the missing link that helps you attract top talent.

7 in 10 Americans use social media

7 in 10 Americans use social media.1

For 18-29 year olds, that number is higher, with 88% using at least one social networking site.

For 18-29 year olds, that number is higher, with 88% using at least one social networking site.1

Facebook is the most popular platform with 68% of adults that use it

Facebook is the most popular platform with 68% of adults that use it.1

It is clear that social networking isn’t a fad that will go away. It’s time to learn the basics of using social media as part of your recruiting process.

Getting started

Social media sites can be helpful for both posting job openings and recruiting job candidates. Facebook and LinkedIn are popular with employers and prospective employees. If you’re just starting out, it may be wise to focus on these two platforms.

If your shop doesn’t already have business pages on Facebook and LinkedIn, your first step is to create those pages. Make sure that you’re setting up a business page and not a personal page. For established pages, review them to make sure that the content is relevant and make any necessary updates.

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Beyond advertising - getting the most out of social media

Don’t use your shop’s social media accounts solely for job postings; you don’t want your audience to see your social media pages as a glorified job board. Take the time to network and connect with new people on each platform. You never know when a connection may turn into a candidate.

Become an active participant by congratulating others on their achievements, commenting on articles and even posting articles. A good practice is to devote time each week to engaging with others on social media. From gathering new ideas on how to run your shop to learning about the latest industry trends, it benefits both you and the shop.

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Monitor Your Social Media Presence

Job candidates will be looking closely at your shop’s social media pages and so should you. Keep your accounts updated with compelling content that avoids marketing hype; people can see through it and won’t take you seriously. Frequent posts show that social media isn’t an afterthought for your business.

Showcase your business and company culture through engaging posts. Over time, potential employees will get a feel for your shop and will be excited to apply when you do post a job opening. Using this soft-sell approach is important for connecting with prospective candidates.

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Find New Recruits

Social media, especially LinkedIn, is perfect for finding potential employees – especially those passive candidates who aren’t actively looking for a position. When searching for candidates on LinkedIn, use filters like location and experience to help you zero-in on the right applicants.

The casual nature of social media makes it perfect for reaching out to potential candidates. You can get to know each other at your own pace and determine if they would be a good fit for your shop. When contacting a potential candidate, don’t send the same message to everyone. Personalize each message stating what impressed you about the candidate’s experience or qualifications. That personal touch will be evident to the recipient and will set the tone for future communication.

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Reel ‘Em In – Creating An Effective Job Post

You need to make your job postings on social media stand out to attract potential candidates. Start with engaging copy to gain attention. Don’t be afraid to let the personality of your shop shine through. A little humor can be a welcome break from the typical stoic job posting.

Add in an eye-catching graphic for visual interest; consider using photos of current employees in action at your shop. This not only gives your post a personal touch but it also helps potential applicants imagine themselves working at your company. End with a target link leading to a job listing on your company website.

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Tag your posts

Using hashtags can help boost the reach of a job posting or target a specific demographic. Pairing the "#" sign with a word or phrase is a popular way of categorizing content on social media. While hashtags are commonly associated with Twitter, they’re also used on other platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Before jumping in, spend some time researching potential hashtags to make sure they fit with your objectives. Sometimes there can be an alternate meaning to a hashtag that you don’t want your company associated with. You can use generic recruiting hashtags like #hiring, #job or #jobopening, or you could get industry specific using a tag like #automotive or zero in by location using a hashtag with a city name.

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