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technician making a braking diagnosis


Quality products with comprehensive cover


Garage Gurus is brought to you by DRiV – the same people who are behind some of the most well-known brands whose parts you use day-in, day-out to repair customers’ vehicles. 

They are manufactured to OE specification at the very least and their quality is the result of our significant investment in research, design and manufacturing. Such is the quality of our parts that they come with a comprehensive warranty of up to five years sometimes (dependent on the individual component) – giving you the peace-of-mind that your repairs will leave your customers completely satisfied.







Garage Gurus checking brake pads for a warranty claim

Helping you to prevent warranty issues


Garage Gurus is here to help you avoid any warranty issues that might arise through human error.

When parts have been returned under warranty, a closer inspection often determines that the failure has to do with how the part has been fitted, or there is a problem with its associated components, rather than the new replacement part. For example, directional brake pads may have been fitted the wrong way or new brake pads might have been damaged because worn discs were not replaced at the same time.




Garage Gurus evaluating a part


If there is an issue with a part


While we strive to produce parts that are amongst the very best available, we also understand that on a rare occasion there could be an issue with a component. Our comprehensive warranty reaffirms our confidence in the quality of our products, but also gives you the reassurance that should a part have a defect, then we’ll take care of it.


For official warranty conditions, please contact the supplier from where you bought the part. If you are a direct customer of DRiV (you have received an invoice from DRiV for your purchases), please file any claim through our warranty portal:

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