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DRiV parts are manufactured to OE specification at the very least and their quality is the result of our significant investment in research, design and manufacturing.
Such is the quality of our parts that they come with a comprehensive warranty of up to five years sometimes (dependent on the individual component).
While we strive to produce parts that are amongst the very best available, we also understand that on a rare occasion there could be an issue with a component.
Our comprehensive warranty reaffirms our confidence in the quality of our products, but also gives you the reassurance that should a part have a defect, then we’ll take care of it.

How we proceed with claims

If the claim is valid, we will issue a credit note as such. At the same time, the issue is elevated to our quality control division to see if we can use the information to improve our product and to prevent the issue from arising again.
If a claim is invalid, we will make sure that the customer fully understands why and how they can avoid it happening again in the future. We will work to make relevant training available to them, and the wider automotive community, to enhance their skills.  

Only direct customers can register a claim with DRiV

Only direct customers can contact us to register a claim; a direct customer is the customer who has received an invoice from DRiV directly for their purchases. You can use our online warranty portal to register your claim. When using the portal, please include as much information as possible and submit any photographs of the part and issue when prompted. This will help us to process your claim as quickly as possible. The portal is very simple to use. Watch the video above to learn how to file a claim properly in our portal

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When to apply for warranty

If you are a direct customer and believe that a component is faulty and none of the points in the relevant disclaimer are applicable to your individual situation, it is straightforward to pursue a warranty claim.

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When not to apply for warranty

If you are the end user who has fitted the parts and have not bought them from us direct, then any claim will need to be submitted by the original seller. In this case, please contact the distributor from whom you purchased the components. 

Where claims are rejected...

Where claims are rejected, the main reasons are often incorrect fitting and handling. At Garage Gurus, we strive to provide garages and mechanics with all the information they need to help them to complete jobs in the right way and as efficiently as possible. Our expertise is readily available to all who work in the automotive aftermarket.
Please visit our following sections for all the materials and training solutions that we can provide.